To root or not to root


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Dec 13, 2010
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I love my fascinate and im thinking about rooting it but one....i don't know how and once I do I don't know what happens next. Really I want to customize my home screen, get rid of the bloat, and use my phone as a hot spot.... please help

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There's stickies of everything you'd need to root in the Fascinate section on xda. I rooted to remove bloatware since were not on Froyo and don't really have the AWESOME roms available for Froyo'd phones. The phones plenty fast (and snappier since i put dj05 on!) But i like adw launcher instead of this touchwiz crap.

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Z4root is a one click easy root.

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Owned D1, Incred, X, D2, and the Fascinate is the best.