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Jun 30, 2011
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First off, i searched and searched these forums to try and answer my questions but i cant get a few of the answers so if this has been asked before just point me in the right direction.

IVe got a dillema. Im upgrading to my first android phone and i know its down to either the Thunderbolt of the Incredible 2. My only concern is battery life with the thunderbolt. Im not willing to buy the huge battery so thats not an option. My question is, is it possible to get good battery life out of the phone. I know some people do good and others do bad, but overall ive heard its generally bad. If i buy the thunderbolt is there a certain ROM and Kernel that i can get through root that almost guarantees great battery life. im willing to root with the thunderbolt so i can have 4g and have good battery life at the same time. I want to be able to unplug my phone a 730 or so and make it to the end of the night with normal (what i consider normal is fair amount of texting throughout the day, medium web browsing. some video streaming, and playing games like angry birds and such)usage. If this can be done with a certain tweaking procees than i will do it, but is it possible? Or should i just stick to the droid incredible 2.

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Well for me the tweaks and stuff I've done to my phone the Droid x gave me more battery life. About 3½ hours for my normal use. But is there good 4g in your area for the thunderbolt? Its all about personal preference. What do you want out of your phone.

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yeah i have good 4g coverage. it would be on 4g 99% of the time. i jsut dont want to buy it hoping the root will solve my problems and then i only get 2 extra hours of life so it goes from 4 hours to 6. i need it to be like a regualr phone. charge when i go to sleep, the n good to go all next day. Is it posible
Your gonna have that issue with any phone depending on the use of the phone thru out the day. And 4g is faster that will use more battery alone. I work a 12 hour shift driving for fedex. I always carry my car charger with me.

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I dont know a lot about rooting, but from what I understand if you underclock the CPU while the screen is off with some kernels and it gives a lot better battery life, keeping 4g turned off while you don't need it helps a lot to.

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hard to tell...there are a lot of relative terms. fair, medium, some. if you are away from a charger for 10 hours...rooted or not and on 4G, you are going to be pushing it no matter how you use the phone.

i would stick with the incredible 2.
the TB is a GREAT phone....but after 2 hours ( 40 minutes in my car this morning streaming tuneIn radio and downloading one app) my phone was at 65% battery.

i am seeing about 10% battery for every hour of pandora with screen off.
5% of 'local" music from the Sd card with screen off
played cut the roap for about 40 minutes yestrday and burned through 13% of my battery. these are just to give you an idea. i am on a stock phone with everything turned off, except auto brightness.
They sell a extended battery that fits behind the stock back, and if your playing angry birds and all that any phone is bound to see the charger really soon, I use this phone heavy and I mean super heavy no extended battery and can get about 9 hours out of the battery. its really not hard to plug a phone into a charger here and there so if your lazy or can't handle that this phones not for you

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its not about beign lazy, its just convience. i cant pug my phone in during class, and i dont want to have to worry if i feel like getting a bite to eat after school. and i dont believe the notion that all smartphone batteries will go down. i sit next to my brother every night as he plays angry birds religiously and his phone goes all night. haha not trying to argue just like making conversation :) and what battereies are bigger and still fit. ive looked and looked and cant seem to find any that dont look sketchy....
One option maybe one of those auxiliary batteries such as energizer's that would allow you to charge the phone a couple of times without a charger. Some have 3000 mah batteries which are larger than the extended battery and would allow you to charge it probably twice in a day.

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I got one of those they work very well if your not anywhere close to a plug. Portable and small and takes a couple of AA batteries.

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Any android phone is going to have pretty bad battery life. The thunderbolt is slightly worse in that department, but it is better at most other things. I just got a spare battery that I put on the charger while I'm using the other one. Works great, because right about the time I get back from work I get the low battery warning. I just put in the other one and I'm good to go for the night

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I'm gonna start doing that. I'm gonna buy a battery and charger online tonight.

I get 6-8 hours. And I use a decent amount of data.

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has anyone rooted and put roms on that had improved battery life?
im right there with ya bud. my upgrades in a little over a week and i was hoping this update would be out for the tbolt by then. ive had my heart set on it since it came out but after reading up on here and hearing of the horrendous battery life and random reboots, idk what to do anymore.
agreed. it looks like a winner but if i cant get home from school with it still on im going to have to go with something else. its just not possilbe. and i hate when people say, "well all smartphones dont have good battereies" i think thats ludacris. if we can put a man on the moon we can make a cell phone last all day