Timeout during use


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Nov 10, 2009
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I understand the need to set the screen to time out while the phone is not in use. I have it set for 30 secs. However, when I am using the internet, if I am reading something and take longer than 30 secs, the phone sleeps. That's a pain have to wake up, then unlock every 30 secs. Another pain is having to go into the settings and switch off sleep before surfing and doing it all over again when done surfing.

Should the phone know when it is in use and not sleep? I see no quick access to Screen Time Out.

Also, I see no way to turn off the unlock (which is not needed if the phone is a sleep anyway). Having to press the button to wake the phone, then swipe your finger to unlock is lame. One or the other is all that is needed.

While here, how does one delete the bookmarks? Phone came with things I don't want nor need and would like to remove them.