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Aug 27, 2010
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So, twice this has happened. I walk in the house and toss my Droid on the couch. When I pick it up, it's not displaying the unlock slide as it usually would, but a larger than normal clock, temperature, current weather icon and the name of the city where I am. I have NO idea where this comes from, or how it gets there and I can't find it again after I exit out of it. If it helps at all, the keyboard slide is usually just baaaaarely open. I actually kind of like the way the screen looks, maybe I can get it as a 'home screen' type thing.
that's "clock" mode.

you happen to have any magnets in your couch :p
I don't think there are any magnets present. How do I enable this "Clock" mode? Oh, and thank you, by the way.
If you had the multimedia dock, once you attached the Droid this would come up. At one time the only way to have this come up was to install an app that was designed to make that happen. With Froyo it happens when you press Clock.

Magnets will do this too. There's a magnet in the multimedia dock as well as the holder for the car. In that one the magnet is reversed so it goes into car mode.

If you get a holster, make sure it doesn't have a magnetic closure. Otherwise it can go into either mode.
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like the responses said above, all magnets my friend.

a magnet can activate clock or car dock mode. you just got lucky enough to activate clock mode.