Thunderbolt Worth The Upgrade??


Jan 30, 2011
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I am due for a upgrade next month and even though I want the Bionic, I don't know if I will be able to wait until it is released (I was told possibly June-September). So, I've been looking at other phones. We are due to get 4G in my area with the next upgrade (June/July), so that would mean my options for a 4G phone are the Thunderbolt or the Charge. I have no interest in the Charge, so I wanted to see if the TB is worth the upgrade. I know it has a issue with battery life, so I would get a extended life battery. I just wanted to see if it was worth the upgrade and what people's thoughts are on the phone. :)
Personally I like the tbolt and with an extended battery my battery life has improved. With the lteon/off app, turning off lte when not needed (the diff between lte and 3g is seen more with downloading/uploading stuff), using screen off profiles, and freezing battery life issues is basically a non issue. With every device I suggest tthe user try it out for themselves. What may be good for me may not be your cup of tea. The extended battery had bulk to an already large phone but for me I have no problem with that, where others its not what they like.
Couldn't be happier with my tb! Extended battery is a must imo.

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Love my bolt very happy I bought it well worth it ;)

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You should search for topics about that. It has been asked countless times and answered by over 100 users

However, i can save you some time... Yes its very worth it :)