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Aug 5, 2011
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Hello everybody! I came from a droid1 stock and loved it but when my renewal was up I just couldn't wait any longer for the droid bionic and picked up a thunderbolt. I couldn't be happier!
Head on over to the Thunderbolt sub forums and get crackin!
I've actually had it for a couple weeks now, I rooted it about a week ago and since then have been trying one rom after another. I tried BAMF and loved it; gingeritis3d was cool as well but ran across the error where you could only end incoming calls, and subsequently switched back to BAMF 3.0 r4.9. I think this is where it's going to stay until someone comes out with the authorized gingerbread/sence 3.0 rom.

I've never had the reboot issue, I got the 2750 battery first off so no issues with battery life, I easily get 2 days on a single charge and I'm a light-moderate user.