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Apr 23, 2010
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Thumb Keyboard introduces a comfortable keyboard for thumb-typing on the Phone ánd Tablet. By using a *split* layout for both portrait and landscape mode this keyboard facilitates easy and natural thumb-typing on small and large screens.

With the arrival of the Motorola XOOM — and the onslaught of Honeycomb-running tablets that we’re about to be slugged with — the developer of Thumb Keyboard has prepared us with a sharp-looking Honeycomb theme. While not animated and glowing like the holographic theme for the upcoming copycat SwiftKey for Tablets, the look of the theme should blend seamlessly with the rest of Android 3.0′s interface. Numerous layouts are included, ranging from small phones to 10" tablets — and pretty much everything in between.
Other additions, like auto-correction, text prediction, and a myriad of user-changeable settings are on par with most other high-end keyboards available for Android. Appropriate themes matching Gingerbread, Galaxy Tab, and several others give you options if you don’t yet have Honeycomb under the hood.

If you’re still attached to another keyboard, like Swype or the Droid X’s multi-touch keyboard in portrait mode, you can simply install the ingenious Keyboard Manager app, which lets you switch keyboards depending on your tablet’s orientation. You can check out our tutorial for installing Keyboard Manager for the full lowdown.
In the world of technology, new devices often lead to new problems, which can lead to creative new solutions. If imitation is the best form of flattery, SwiftKey’s presentation of their upcoming clone of Thumb Keyboard (which they have yet to acknowledge wasn’t their original idea) sings nothing but praises for this novel approach to tablet typing by developer Beansoft. You can grab it for $1.64 in the Android Market


I'm very pleased with this keyboard. After spending some time adjusting to the different layout I find it to be much more intuitive than the stock keyboard.
Been using this ALOT! Thanks

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I bought this app and I do like it and enjoy the layout, however on my Xoom I find the buttons are so large that I still have to reach far across with my thumbs to hit the center keys, is there a way to slightly reduce the key size a bit so I'm not having to reach so far into the center of the screen? I have the UI set to Honeycomb right now
The 7 inch tablet layout works great for me. No stretching for keys with it. The standard layout didn't work for me as well. I also adjusted the key height down a little, but still experimenting with that. Overall, a huge improvement over stock.

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