Throwback question: Pandora or Slacker?


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Dec 23, 2009
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2010 one of the new trends was this new way to listen to music. And it was a music app. Before Spotify you had apps like Pandora and Slacker. On my OG Droid I rocked Pandora. In fact I made a frustrating post about it then. That is when I had the Slacker Radio people tell me to go over to that app. I tried it an ended up preferring to stay with Pandora. But I learned that OG Droid people on this forum seemed to fall into 2 camps. Either Slacker or Pandora.

Back in the OG Droid days which side of the fence were you on?

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Haha I was on both just like today ..let me see I use Pandora and Slacker but Pandora more ...