Third Droid Turbo Commercial with James Franco is Silly but Kinda Cool


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Dec 30, 2010
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Austin, TX

The third Motorola Droid Turbo video commercial with James Franco is almost as bizarre as the last two, yet it is a bit more interesting. Not only is it longer than the others, it actually makes some sense in a silly sort of way.

In general if you take all the commercials as a whole, it appears their "theme" is that the Droid Turbo will help you manipulate time. While the device obviously won't actually confer time-manipulation powers, it seems obvious that some of its capabilities (like the Turbo Charge feature, fast processor, and its long battery life) will help you save time in your busy schedule. It also happens to be a gorgeous device, so that seems like a win-win situation for those interested in grabbing this phone.

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That one finally makes sense.

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Yup. the others would've been smarter if released before the leaks of the phone came out, though I'm still not sure they accomplished anything since they never really gave a clear shot of the phone.

This one was kinda cool.
love it. Very original Droid era add.