[THEME] Orange Shade For Cyanogen Mod 11


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Oct 6, 2011
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One of my favorite parts of using Cyanogen Mod 11 is the ability to quickly and easily change the way my phone looks by applying a custom theme. The theme engine of Cyanogen Mod 11 allows for every nook and cranny of the rom to be themed unlike custom launcher themes which only change some icons and add a new wallpaper. You can also pick and chose the parts of a theme you would like to run and can mix and match those parts.


Orange Shade is the perfect theme for anyone who loves orange. Whether you are a Vols fan or you just love carrots this theme by "spadaboss" will be the perfect theme for you. This theme uses both shades of black and orange to totally change the look of your phone. Features of this theme include background of holo dark apps, notification drawer background, dark clock app, dark cm11 theme chooser, black background for keyboard, black background for swype, black heads up notification, orange colors for action bar, solid black panels dialogs toasts, black widgets, replaced all of the blue parts of rom with white and grey, no divider lines in panels, icon masks with orange circles, black and orange wallpapers, android L navbar buttons, android L bootanimations, android L fonts, ringtone, alarm tone and notification tone choices from android L, and more! Head to the Play Link below to grab the download.

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