[THEME] Jelly Bean Extreme Red CM11


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Oct 6, 2011
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Theme Developer "BigDX" is back with a new series of themes for Cyanogen Mod 11! The first theme is the Jelly Bean Extreme Red Cm11 theme. This is not a launcher theme and is meant solely for devices that have been rooted and are running a custom rom that includes the theme manager like CyanogenMod11. This theme includes custom original design work by BigDX, a custom wallpaper, 3500 custom images, This theme is all about taking that jelly bean look to the next level. No part of this theme is left untouched. Themed elements include Google Now, News and Weather, Play store, App Manager, Books, Drive, Keep, Power Control, Play Music, Gmail, Email, MMS, Contacts, Google Sound Search, App monger, apps that are inverted, Play Games, Youtube, Dropbox, Documents, UI, Battery with and without percentages, cell wifi signals, all aokp/cm toggle icons, stock/swype keyboard, complete lockscreen handle icons, 60 app icons, calculator, chrome, desk clock, and much more.


This is one of the most complete themes around and is a steal at $1.99. Head to the play link below for the download.

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