The Perfect Android Phone


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Aug 31, 2010
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I've been looking at all of these new phones that Moto and HTC and such have been announcing lately, and each one, at least in my opinion, is just missing one or two things that would make it perfect. The ThunderBolt, for example, could have a dual core processor. The BIONIC could be equipped with more RAM and an open bootloader. The Atrix could have a larger screen, a better camera, and an open bootloader (and maybe a better network). Of course, all of these could have Honeycomb, at least for the lack of manufacturer-applied UI modifications and they'd be much better than they are at the moment, and we know, thanks to the XOOM announcement, that it is a possibility. List your 'perfect' specs in your responses. Here are mine:

Button(s) : Back, Home, Menu, Power/Sleep, Search, maybe Camera
Camera(s) : 8 Megapixel Back-Facing, 1080p Front-Facing
Keyboard : SWYPE. No Physical Option.
Memory : Minimum 1 GB RAM, Minimum 2 GB Internal
Network : Verizon, LTE, Upgradable to LTE Advanced When Available
Port(s) : HDMI (with full, universal output functionality), Micro USB, SD Card
Processor : Best Currently Available (Tegra 2, for the time being)
Software : Stock Google UI
Screen : 4.3" (it just seems to work), Maximum Possible Resolution (540x960 at the moment)

Others : Fully Open Source (e.i.: open bootloader)
Theres only a few things I really need:
4 inch or smaller screen
Dual core

Dont need a front facing camera, dont really understand what that seems to be the next must have feature, but ok.
Dont really even need a keyboard

Basically give me the smallest, thinnest LTE, dual core phone you can make with about a 4 inch screen. Anything bigger then that and the phone gets brick like for me, too big really. Make sure it has plenty or ram and a really nice screen.

As you can see Im not really picky, but nobody seems to want to make that phone. the closest seems to be the Atrix and thats on ATT and may come to Verizon at the end of the year. Or maybe the LG. Dont want to wait.