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Oct 19, 2011
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New York
hi, i'm new here - i don't do forums typically but being an HTC Thunderbolt user I've taken to the streets for help since android and verizon seemed to have forgotten about us. Thats my main reason for joining to stay up on whats what, any advice, comments or questions (not that i'll be able to answer many i'm sure) are more than welcome

Welcome to the forums, the people on here never seize to amaze me about how much knowledge they have about any device, so you are in the right place.

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Hi and welcome to the forum Daniella! Glad to have you with us! :big smile:
soo i have a question that is likely to give away how much..or little i know about this stuff but umm ha how do i upload my picture to this thing?
Welcome to DF!!

And do you mean upload to your phone or you want to set an avatar on the site?

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haa i uploaded one picture to my profile but i dont know how to make it my avatar - or if that's even possible.. also if there an app for this site i can use?
There are size limitations but you should be able to. Up top by your user name you will see a settings button, click it. Then down the left side you will see the option to edit avatar, in there you will see the size and options.

And yes there is an app. Search and you will find it, free app. Or if you use multiple forums then you could use tapatalk, paid app.

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Thanks guys! I figured it out and downloaded the of only downloading gingerbread was that simple :)

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