The International Galaxy Note 7 Has Been Rooted!


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Oct 6, 2011
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We have had the Note 7 for only a few weeks now, but the developer community has already come through with a root method. Team Win Recovery Project was actually released for the device last week, and even a root method was published but SuperSU has not been compatible with the Galaxy Note 7 until today. Chainfire just released a Beta build of SuperSU which addresses a new built in protection method applied directly to the Note 7 kernel by Samsung.

The new measure causes a kernel panic anytime a root request with a value of 1000 or below is processed. This covers just about every root action. The kernel panic causes the device to reboot. This means if you tried a previous version of SuperSU any time an app asked for Super user permission your phone would reboot, and you would not be able to complete the root process. The beta build of SuperSU v2.77 includes a workaround which patches the kernel check. This fix may or may not last for long. Who knows if Samsung will patch this up with the next update. This may also work with the S7 and the S8 later on since these devices are developed so closely together.
Grab this while it still works if you have the Exynos version of the Note 7!

via Chainfire+