The End Of An Era: HashCode Steps Down From Many Community Projects


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Oct 6, 2011
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This is very happy news and very sad news all at the same time. Most of you that love to root and hack your Verizon devices know and love developer "Hashcode". With his SafeStrap recovery you can basically flash roms on any device that has root. SafeStrap allows us to bypass locked down bootloaders and install roms, and other mods on our devices. This has really come in handy for devices as old as the Droid Bionic all the way up to new devices like the Galaxy S5. Last week Hashcode took to his Google+ page to update us on a really exciting personal opportunity. He was offered a job as Engineer with Linaro's mobile group. He will be working as part of a team to introduce changes in the Android OS to better support Project Ara.

This is great news and we love to see developers in our community chase their dreams, but i'd be lying if I didn't say it was bitter sweet. Hashcode has always been there for us. Back in the day when we had to live with the realization that the Droid Bionic's bootloader would never be unlocked, Hashcode came along with an awesome new way to flash custom roms. He has come through for us on these devices ever since. It is easy to understand, as someone who has a handful of jobs myself, why he needs to do this. With his new responsibilities at Linaro and other business endeavors, there is only so much one man can do. The bright side to all of this is that SafeStrap has always been open source, and Hashcode is willing to create some easy to follow tutorials so that other developers can hopefully pick up development of SafeStrap so that this project can live on!

I along with the rest of the DroidForums team would like to extend a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Hashcode! Thanks for everything! We hope to see your new work soon!

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Congrats. Even though I upgraded to a Gnex a year ago, I still have my Bionic rocking safestrap and keeping it alive.
Saw this a little bit ago and have mixed emotions. So amazingly thankful for his work but it is sad. Best of luck in future endeavors hash.

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Congratulations and thank you Hashcode!
I really Can not thank Hashcode enough!!! He is amazing. I asked him many times where to donate to.... he always answered he doesnt do this for the money! thats just the kind of guy he is. I am very Happy he can now use his skills in the real world to put bread on the table!
I hope he can be a positive influence with them to keep Android as Open as possible.

Hashcode Know that we respect and love ya Bro!!!!