The Day Has Arrived: OUYA Finally Goes On Sale for $99.99


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Dec 30, 2010
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Today's the day folks! The OUYA just hit the online streets. Not only can you order it directly from OUYA's website, you can also get at Amazon or a number of other online retail outlets including Target, Best Buy and GameStop. The price is precisely as they said: $99.99 which includes one controller and the little OUYA console box. For an extra $49.99 you can pick up a second controller. For now, many of these retailers only have them in stock to order online, but we expect that to change over time.

Here's a slew of links for you to grab yours at your favorite retailer:

United States Retail Links:
International Retail Links:
Also, be sure to check out our dedicated OUYA website!

Source: OUYAForums

Stay tuned for something really exciting we are going to share with you guys later! :cool:
Woo-Hoo!~! This should be a fun ride!
I think the hardware is going to hold it back. Tegra 4 is out and most devices have 2 gigs of ram now. If it had those two hardware upgrades I may consider it but the hardware is old in today's terms. Consoles like the xbox and playstation stay current because games are designed for its specific hardware. Unless devs are coding for this one specific piece of hardware instead of making it usable on your phone and tablet too, I don't think it'll fly well. I saw a couple of emulators and that may be its only redeeming value. I hope it survives but with stuff like the NVidia's going to be a rough journey.
It's already selling out at several of the retailers, including Amazon.
So who's buying one?