The 7th Guest (Android) Review


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May 16, 2012
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This game has been quite enjoyable, but not in the way you might think:

The game itself has several issues: cut off subtitles, audio sync issues, frequent repetitions of audio, lack of verity in music. I refunded this game, because I would rather play it on ScummVM, rather than pay for a version that is no better than emulated. But in case you are interested, you can buy it here.

But where this game excelled for me, was to get me thinking about Emulation and Ports, and what actually makes a game a port. They added a cute skin to the screen, and added some animations to the gestures, but when you get right down to the game itself, it is emulating an early 90's cd-rom drive, and that is why we find the same cutscene lag in this 'remastered' version, as we do in the original gameplay from a much less powerful machine. So, even with added touch controls, it basically still is an emulator, with a skin.