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Jan 1, 2011
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So, I updated my Droid 2 to Gingerbread a few days ago and this is really pissing me off. On 2.2, on the stock messaging app, there was a little checkbox for "delete old messages", that I could uncheck and have it keep all my messages. I have some REALLY long threads, the one between my girlfriend and I is well over 14,000 texts.

Now please don't give me that "your phone can't handle that many" crap, it worked perfectly on 2.2. I don't use the stock messaging app, it sucks. I use Handcent SMS, and have NEVER had any issues having all those messages. Until I went to 2.3. Now I don't see the option to not delete old messages, and the maximum value I can set it to is 1000... so every night it seems my texts start randomly disappearing, even though I don't use the stock messaging app.

There has got to be some way to get that stock app to leave my texts alone so that I can continue using 2.3 and not have my texts be erased. So far this is the only real problem that I've come across - other than not being able to remove that stupid useless 3G Mobile Hotspot app that I'd be billed for, but that's trivial since I never use it.
Sounds like an issue you need to take up with handsent, -an OS update wouldnt change the internal options of a 3rd party app. Maybe coincidental timing of an update on their end?? If you think the stock app is causing problems, either uninstall it(root required) or email handsent for their thoughts.
Be positive!

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PS Uninstall the 3g MHS while you're at it. For example, Titanium Backup Pro can do it. Just backup your system first, just in case.

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3G MHS? What is that?

And well, I don't think it's a handcent problem. The problem is that Handcent doesn't actually store the texts, they're stored in Dialer Storage, which the stock messaging app also uses. On Froyo, there was a checkbox to disable the amount of text messages stored in a conversation, so it was basically unlimited - Gingerbread's stock messaging app removed that so it has to be between 10 and 1000. I'll try deleting the stock messaging app (as I do have Root) and see what happens - I just fear that might screw up my ability to receive texts...
Don't uninstall the stock messaging app. Nothing good will come of it.

Also, since its deleting your messages, why not just back them up that way they're not lost, but they're also not taking up space in your inbox?

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Yeah, I just deleted the stock Messaging app, and when I woke up this morning I was down to 200 messages per thread again. I honestly don't get this, what exactly is deleting my messages?

And I can back them up, but that's not the point. I want them all on my phone...
Ah, mobile hotspot. As far as I know, in Gingerbread you can't? It doesn't show up in Titanium Backup etc.
The answer to your question, is CM7 (cyanogenmod7). There is a setting in that rom to not delete old messages, in the stock messaging app. Good luck.

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I tried Cyanogenmod... while it was nice having those settings back, there were some things that were just different that I wasn't used to. Unless, of course, there's a way to make CM7 almost indistinguishable from the normal ROM? (I mean in terms of appearance, like the fact that the slide-to-unlock looks like a rotary phone etc)
There are 4 different styles for the locker. Just go into your settings, then CyanogenMod settings, and there are tons of customization possibilities in there. Even LED customizers for all notifications.
just as an idea, could you possibly push the APK from either the gingerbread leak or froyo? [root required]
Well, I'm not sure how I'd do that. I tried using Root Explorer to delete the two .apk files (messaging.apk and conversations.apk) along with the .odex of both, then put the same files from Froyo on there, but it didn't show up under installed apps. How exactly do you "push" something?

I'm trying my hand with CyanogenMod, I really like it now that I figured out you could customize it :) I just have to figure out why the market isn't working.
You have to use the gapps zip andbutll install the market and accounts for you on cm7

And push via terminal using commands but root explorer is basically just as effective imo