Team Venom Releases ViperOne 8.0.0 For The M7


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Oct 6, 2011
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The ViperOne Rom for the M7 allows you to run a Sense based rom while also taking advantage off what has to be the most customizable rom ever for the HTC One M7. This rom includes features like Venom Tweaks, Pie, Hub, OTA, SuperUser built in, FileManager, Themeing Options, CPU Manager, Kernel Manager, Nav Button Manager, Package Installer, Download UI, 3-Finger Gestures, Horizontal and Vertical, extended quick settings and more!

The latest version of the ViperOne Rom brings this to build 8.0.0. The rom has been rebased on 7.19.401.2. The aroma installer has been rethemed with material design. T-mobile will be supported with working wifi now. Sprint and AT&T are supported, however in this particular build Verizon is not supported. Ambient notifications have been added. Ability to hide lockscreen notifications has been added. Pull down gestures notifications have been improved. Over 300 Venom Tweaks goodies have been added, and more!