Team OctOs Rom For The Galaxy Note 2


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Oct 6, 2011
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As photos of the Note 5 begin to leak out you may be wondering how to extend your old Note just a bit longer until this device releases later this year. Devices like the Galaxy Note 2 have long been end of lifed by your OEM, but the great thing about the dev community and the reason I hope Android developers stick around for a while is that these guys are always great about delivering the latest greatest versions of Android to our older devices. The Note 2 is still a great device, and adding a rom can really help you get a few more months out of this device.

Team Octos just released a new rom for the Note 2. You will need an unlocked bootloader, and a custom recovery such as TWRP already installed on your device. Octos is a custom AOSP style rom which includes lots of performance enhancements and cusotmizations. There are even a few extras such as a Dark theme, wallpapers, and more that you can install separately. Grab this rom from the link below.

via teamoctos