Task manager and email questions


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Feb 11, 2013
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I used to have a Pantech and it came with a task manager with which you could close apps and processes. Does Droid Razr M have anything like that? Or do I need to install an app for that ? If so which one is best? also, how do I get Yahoo mail to work properly? It keeps showing me emails that I have moved to trash and deleted on both my phone AND on my computer !?!? But they keep coming back!!! HELP !!!!! When I go to settings, under data usage (in email settings), "Inbox checking frequency-Automatic (Push)" is grayed out ...any ideas ??? Thanks in advance !!!!


Dec 10, 2012
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You do not need a "task killer" or an "app killer" with Android. Just google that and read about it. Sometimes THEY cause the problems because they are running all the time. Android is made to monitor itself and stop apps on it's own. Yes, sometimes there are some that become persistent due to the developers making them so but you can stop them anytime you wish without a "killer". Go to Settings/ Apps/ Running and see what is running. Stop or Disable it if you wish.

As with most apps that are "settings related", you can do the same thing yourself because all they do is maybe make it a step easier to do. They go directly to that setting instead of you doing it. Personally I'd rather do it instead of an outside app trying to monitor my phone all the time and using my battery and potentially messing something up.
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