Tapatalk text size settings??


Jan 3, 2011
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My tired old eyes need larger print. Is there a way to enlarge the text? TIA

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ya if you open tapatalk and hit the menu button and then go in to settings, there's a font size options.
Hmm is the droidforum app not a tapatalk app? I apologize I should have specified that. I'm using the droidforum app.

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it is mad by tapatalk but doesn't have all the same features. let me dust it off and look through it.
Ok I didn't know if I had missed something. Thanks for giving it a look.

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any time. hopefully the df app will get updated soon. it's missing a few really good functions of tapatalk pro, but hey i guess you get what you pay for :/
Woot got the update! Larger text size! And other good stuff.

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i saw that. very exciting. the droid forums app is now pretty much on par with the paid version of tapatalk.