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Sep 5, 2010
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Has anyone else been having issues with Tapatalk the last few days? I have been having the threads that are older show up as new, no paragraphs just 1 long line, including signatures.
This is happening not only on my Galaxy Tab but also my Rezound.
thank you for your replies
I haven't noticed the older threads showing up as new. But the one long line including sigs I have noticed and it started up recently.
I just checked "participated" under latest and it is showing 0 participated on this forum. Hmmmm

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Yeah, it's been ongoing - I'm hoping to see a tapatalk update soon :)
Same issues here Mike.
Plus I am see. Galaxy alot of FC's on my DX.

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I'm glad ,in a sense, that it's not just me. That way hopefully they'll fix it soon.
It's weird because it just started happening out of the blue and not right after an update, like the forums (it's doing it in all the forums I surf) had updated and having compatibility issues
Thanks you all

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A Rezound phone was used for this TapaTalk post
Same issues for me as well. I'm not too worried about it though since I didn't pay for Tapatalk. Got it as a free app of the day.

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I'm a moderator on a couple of forums and it makes it a little diificult to check in on threads when I'm out and about

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