Sustained Performance Feature Arrives With Android N Developer Preview 3!


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Oct 6, 2011
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Android N is not a huge overhaul of Android and as such you wouldn't expect many new features, but this incremental build is actually full of new features. One of the best new features in this build is the new Sustained Performance feature. This mode helps long running apps to run smoothly. Most apps you launch, check in on a few things, and then move on. However some apps hold your attention much longer ie Games, Youtube, Netflix.

Some of these apps can really tax your CPU and GPU which causes your phone to overheat. OEMs have compensated for this by throttling which causes your phone to lag and stutter. Sustainable Performance allows OEMs to provide hints regarding a device's performance capabilities for long running apps. This allows developers to fine tune their apps and games to work better with your device.

This will surely come in handy in the development of Daydream VR apps, and Games.

via AndroidDevSite