SunShine S-Off Now Supports Older HTC Devices Like The One M7!


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Oct 6, 2011
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Today "Firewaterdevs" announced added support for older HTC devices including the HTC One M7 in the latest version of SunShine S-Off. If you were unaware SunShine is an app that you can run to get S-Off and bootloader unlock on your HTC device. S-Off or security off will allow you to freely mod your device. This means you can install a custom recovery and run custom roms, kernels and mods.

SunShine is a collaborative effort between Justin Case, beaups, and other well known security experts. In the past they have released lots of root methods for various devices and other bootloader unlock methods. Most recently they released the Firewater S-Off for the HTC One M8. Jcase also recently released a root method for the Moto X. In the past all of these root and bootloader unlock methods have been free to the community. SunShine will be the start of a new era.

Developing root methods and bootloader unlocks can become quite expensive. These guys brick several of their personal devices before coming up with a safe consumer product. In the past they have just ate the cost and accepted whatever donations people were willing to contribute, but more times than not the donations do not add up to what it actually cost to bring these methods to the community. Therefore the SunShine app does require a one time $25 license fee for each device you plan to use it on. In the long run this saves you quite a bit of money since this solution is much cheaper than buying a developer version of the phone you already have at full price. Head to the link below for more info and the download link.