Sunshine Bootloader Unlock/S-Off For HTC and Moto Updated to 3.0!


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Oct 6, 2011
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We have been patiently waiting and it is finally here! Sunshine bootloader unlock and s-off has been updated to version 3.0. The latest version of this app has been rebuilt from the ground up, and adds support for several devices and Android variants. Devices that are supported by the app include HTC devices (s4000, m8, m7, e8, mini, dna, evita, and many more older devices), and Motorola devices (Motorola 2013 devices supported up to and including 4.4.3).

In case you did not know Sunshine is a free app which will test your device for compatibility before popping up a $25 in app purchase, and then proceeding to unlock your devices bootloader automagically. The app takes care of all the work. In the past methods required a basic knowledge of adb, and patience as you needed to copy and paste lines of code one after the other to come out of a gauntlet with an unlocked bootloader! Now the process is super easy! Head to the link below for the download and more info.