Sunday Evening Chat: Spring Forward 2015


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Dec 23, 2009
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By now most people are trying to make up for the hour of sleep they lost last night as many around the United States are springing forward toward Spring. Not only are we springing for better weather but also NCAA March Madness, release dates for the S6 and M9, as well as more information about LG's smart phone that will be more premium than their G series.
But I want to start by talking about Huawei once again. Despite me not looking forward to a Huawei Nexus (though I understand what Google is doing), I did look forward to seeing more Huawei watch news. Well if the rumor is correct and Huawei is going $1000 price range (Huawei Rumored 1 000 cost out of range of base model Huawei Watch price 9to5Google for the watch then I am done talking about them. According to Huawei spokesperson the $1000 price will not be for the base model but more likely the 24 karat gold model. So that brings me to my first question in do you see Android Wear being at a point where it can sell for $1000?

T-Mobile have more uncarrier plans to announce March 18. I personally love these uncarrier plans because everytime T-mobile announces one AT&T scrambles to match it. So if you are an AT&T customer you may want to pay attention to what T-mobile announces as that could be the latest deal you can take advantage of. Verizon customers get to sit back and just watch....sorry guys.

I am going to end todays SEC talking about the fruit. As much crap as I gave the news team (@cereal killer & @dgstorm ) for an iPhone notification sound in the background, I have the nerve to talk Apple in an android news post. By the way if you guys are not catching the week in review the guys do on Friday then you are missing a show. They take the latest android/tech related news of the week and cover it in a humorous and informative way while getting you (the members) involved. How many android news shows you know take the time to highlight the most valuable assets of the forum (the members)?
I'm waiting for you to name some but while you do that I am going to recommend you subscribe to the channel (Droid Forums - YouTube By subscribing you will be alerted the moment these guys post a new video so you can see if they are talking about you this week. So hit subscribe, like, and feel free to comment. And while you are doing that I will now talk about the fruit.
Tomorrow the fruit will be officially releasing the greatest smart watch ever, in fact there are no other smart watches on the market as the fruit was the first to release it and are the innovators of what it means to own a smart watch. So tomorrow that is what you will get to hear from Apple at their press event as they look to introduce their watch to the market. So if your iPhone buddies start talking your ear off about how innovative the Apple watch is and why hasn't Android done it yet, just relax and let them have it. Remember that there was a time where we was on the other end of the stick trying to play catch up. Now android have come a long way so shake your buddies hand and congratulate him or her on joining us in the smart watch era. (Apple Watch could win the wrist back