Success with Amazon Upgrade and Grandfathered Plan (verizon)


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Oct 25, 2012
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Hi all,

Apologies if this has been extensively covered but I have an old grandfathered unlimited data plan first purchased with the original Droid. I dropped my phone though the ice while ice fishing and upgraded at full price to the Thunderbolt a year and half ago. About 4 months ago, I dropped my Bolt and cracked the screen and finally used the TEP insurance plan (for once in my life) and got another Thunderbolt. About 8 hours of having the new phone, I, you guessed it, dropped it on the driveway and broke the phone in nearly the same manner as before. I did some research and purchased an almost new Bionic from Amazon for $150 (which I just realized came with an upgraded battery (no wonder why that otterbox case didn't fit) in the "Unlocked Phones" section. I kept my 4G sim card from my original Bolt, and just swapped into the Bionic and have had no billing issues or changes.

My point is there's some very good deals to be had in the Unlocked Phone section of Amazon. Maybe I've had good luck by obtaining my 4G Bolt in the nick of time but Amazon is a good place for used phones. If anyone is considering upgrading their phone, take a look at Amazon. Much safer than getting shot over a Craigslist phone exchange (someone in was killed in the twin cities this summer buying a phone from CL).