stuck pixels..


Nov 8, 2009
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Just got the Maxx today, was on the fence for a while. I figured, no need to wait; I'd rather get a phone so the phone upgrade timing can reset and I knew the Maxx would be a good phone. And I didn't have to worry about the battery at all. I'm driven to Motorola still because I love their car mounts; it works great with a pro-clip mount I have.

Anyways, got it today and there is a stuck green pixel. It's only one and I feel like a whinner for thinking about swapping it. However, I just spent $300; so I'm going to have it swapped out. I'll give it a few days to get unstuck, otherwise I'll be calling to ask for a replacement during my 14 day return period. Don't want to get a refurb! not that they could be that old.

I'm trying a pixel fixer that flashes the screen, so far it's a no go though. Anyone else have any luck getting a stuck pixel to switch?

Thanks, Nick
So, I've kind of read you can't fix a pixel with an Amoled screen. Guess I have 14 days to find out if I can stop looking at that stuck pixel; seems to be worst when greys show up.

Otherwise, it seems like a pretty sweet phone. Did some 4G speedtests last night. (I'm 10 Miles from 4G) I got anywhere from 12mbit 2bars to 33mbit full bars. Was averaging at least 10mbit upload too. Insanity