Streaming music VIA bluetooth to car stereo? A2DP


Feb 2, 2012
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I currently have a D1 and cant stream music via bluetooth to my car stereo. My stereo is capable but i dont think the D1 has A2DP capability. Question is: Will i be able to do this with a D4? I've worn the 3.5mm jack out on my D1. I'm due for an upgrade on 2/25. I'm going to try and get my upgrade this weekend. Keeping my finger crossed.

Also i should add that my radio does make/receive calls via bluetooth already. i can also access my phonebook on my stereo.

here is a link to the user manual for my stereo. go to page 34 if you're interested in helping me figure this out.

Open BT settings on the phone and long press on the device name. Make sure phone audio and media are both selected. My D2G streams and does a lot of cool phone functions through a JVC deck I just got.

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well, just found my answer. My stereo doesnt support A2DP. Sucks. Thanks for the help anyway!
I bought a new radio to get this and it is the best I've done.

It works really well

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