strange icon in notification bar after kitkat update


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Sep 5, 2014
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samsung galaxy note 2 10.1'
Hi all,

I own a Samsung galaxy note tablet, note 2 10.1, gt-n8010, and recently I updated it to the latest kitkat android (which I regret doing actually).

So, after the update among all the changes in the UI I wondered what's that strange icon that appeared in the new notification bar. It looks like a cut from the icon of the photo gallery app but it's not accessible in any way, i.e. when I pull ghe bar it's gone. Also, when apps put their notifications they appear directly over that icon which is weird.

Here is a screenshot:

(click to enlarge)

(zoomed - click to enlarge)

Does anybody know what's that icon and how to remove it?
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Way too blurry to see what it is.
It does look too blurry to tell. Have you tried powering off then back on to see if it stays? We'll probably have a better idea if we could see it more clearly

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Hi, thanks for taking the time to answer. I posted another screenshot with better visibility.
I restarted but no change. Any other suggestions? I'm curious - is this some kind of bug or what?
Maybe you need to use a camera. It looks strangely like a Gallery icon I've seen before but can't tell.

If you pull down the notification bar, what are you seeing there?
That is the stock Samsung gallery icon.
Why it's there I do not know but perhaps look in your gallery settings and see if changing something makes it go away?

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@mountainbiker mark - thanks for the suggestion but there is nothing substantial to change in the gallery app settings beside the user account...
It looks like a default Microsoft icon.. Like email perhaps.. Idk.