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Feb 18, 2011
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If you play World War, iMobsters, Kingdoms Live, Racing Live, etc and looking for help with what to build, game tips, best units, mission mastery, mission lists and loot, and game codes check out:

Aygbatu's Storm8 game calculator and code site

We have features not available on any other calculator and our interface and has a very clean layout. No full page refreshes, no limits on building calculations, and more.

Sample screen shot is below:

We continue to get more and more users and game codes from players. We are now approaching 3000 registered users and have over 2300 game codes. 750 game codes for World War and over 500 for iMobsters!

The best feature though our are calculators as you can see by going to our two most popular, World War and iMobsters calculators, but we cover most of the Storm8 games with our calculators.