Stock widget question &safemode


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Apr 30, 2012
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Did searching but didnt find what i was looking it safe enough to STOP a stock Widget?would a replacement app(similar to whatever iam stoping)stop frm it whatever happens(like if i was to have an issue with a certain app for example)..i wanted to stop my world time Widget thing since iam not usein it(ever) seems to be runnin in the background when i checked..since my battery hasn't been so great,iam tryin to do anything thats useful....also,iam not to techy with safemode..i know how to get there,but i need more explainment on how its sapose to wrk..what iam i looking for n how do i know which app is causing a problem.i did a thread on the gsam app vs.. n i think its been a issue with it with my battery life alone.i wanna find out if it is the problem or something else........