Stock Messaging App and MMS Issue


Apr 16, 2010
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Hey guys. I've had an issue with the stock messaging app for a while now. Whenever I receive MMS messages (my dad LOVES to send em to me all the time, lol), for some reason I cannot view a picture and hear the attached sound at the same time. Lemme break it down...

In thread view, the picture will show, but it has a big "play button" smacked right over the picture, so I can't even barely see it. Then, when I hit the play button, it takes me to a black screen (doesn't display the picture) with the sound title and plays the sound. Anyways, my question is: is there anyway to view the picture and the sound at the same time? I know that's the way the message is intended to be viewed, but for some reason, it only works as described above. Anybody else have this issue or any suggestions for me? Help is appreciated, and as always, will be recycled :).


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Same type of issue

I have the same type of issue with some media my freind on t-mobile forwards to me. But i get the black screen with title then a message of unsupported media. I need a fix for it.

Huh? If you are wondering if I have it installed I do. However I don't believe these messages require flash.

I have always been able to view these how they should be viewed in my messages on previous phones. I would think that my SMARTphone would also be able to display them how they should be displayed.

@KPROFFER, I'm not getting any error message. Just the black screen with sound title and sound. And I don't really want to have to download every mms to view it how it's meant to be viewed. Seems kinda a pain, doesn't it? I don't feel like we should have to do this sort of workaround...

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Just wanna bump this because I find it hard to believe that nobody else is having this issue...

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