Standby Time Improves on Nexus 5 Running Android M Preview


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Oct 11, 2010
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A Nexus 5 running Android M developer preview has been tested against the same phone running Android 5.1.1 to compare standby times. Doze and App Standby two exciting new features coming with Android M are said to double a device’s standby time.

With Doze, the phone goes into a deeper sleep than it currently does and as a result, standby times are more than doubled. Once Doze is disabled (which happens when you pick up the phone), syncs and open tasks which were halted are carried out by the model.

Another feature of Android M is App Standby. With this feature, once your phone is unplugged, apps deemed to be inactive are prohibited from receiving network support and any syncs and open jobs are suspended. Once you plug in your phone, the idle apps will regain network connectivity. Android M will most likely offer those who need specific apps to run at all times, the ability to disable the feature on certain apps.

In 8 hours of standby time, the Nexus 5 running Android 5.1.1 used 4% of its battery life, while the Nexus 5 running the Android M developer preview used a mere 1.5%. After a full day, the phone loaded with Lollipop consumed 12% of its battery life, while the Nexus 5 with Android M used only 4.5%. Here’s where things get impressive... in two days, the Nexus 5 on 5.1.1 used 24% and its Android M competitor used a mere 9%.