Square Enix Announces 'Dragon Sky' Real-Time Strategy Game for Mobile


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Dec 30, 2010
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Those crafty developers from Square Enix (the famous minds behind the Final Fantasy franchise) have announced a new mobile game coming. It's called "Dragon Sky" and it is a Real-Time Strategy game, set in a fantasy universe with dragons and magic. (That seemed like a given considering the title...) At any rate, there will be a single-player campaign and storyline, but of course it wouldn't be a good RTS without multiplayer, and that is included too. Here's a quote with a brief description of the game,

Your main character wakes up in a new world with a raging case of amnesia. He stumbles upon a talking animal named Petit and young girl, Marsh, who's also lost her memories.

Rounding out this band of absent-minded heroes is Allad, a self-styled treasure hunter who comes from another world like the hero.

From there they... go on to save the world, maybe? It's not really clear, but it definitely looks like they're going to find themselves on a battlefield or two before too long.

Apparently there is some element of collectible cards built-in to the game as well. You will obtain new units for your army by collecting cards from fallen enemies. Not much else is known about the game. No pricing details or release dates have been mentioned yet. We will of course share those details with you when we get them.

Source: Pocketgamer