Sprint Note 4 is Receiving Lollipop

ugh....I am still dreaming....*sigh*
I check for the update daily, while being uncertain that I really want it. 3 years ago my Razr Maxx came with GB, and went to ICS, then JB. The only issue I had after updates was a screwed up GPS, but others had real big issues.
I wish we had the option to accept updates or not without rooting.
I've had my Note4 since Dec 31st and have zero complaints, and zero desires for it to perform differently.
I'm in the same boat as this point. I'd much rather wait for 5.1 than get a 5.0.x version like the rest of the Note 4 have received.

Given that Verizon held up on offering the Nexus 6 for 5.1 and the VoLTE support that it has baked in, I'd like them to the same for the Note 4.
Just figures after the excess waiting for updates to the g nex, I'd pick the next phone vzw is slow with updating. I wouldn't be so jealous if they hadn't been first to update the S5. Haha!

I'm with the guys a few posts up. If we're gonna wait this long, I hope they skip to the newest version available.

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Doubt we'll be that lucky though.

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Yeah, as much as I would like that, I doubt it will happen as well. The latest word just a week or so ago was that Samsung hadn't starting working on any 5.1 updates for any device yet.
I doubt we will see an update before the S6 is released....
I don't remember where I read it, probably a rumor thread on this forum, that Verizon Note4 was slated for early to mid April with 5.0.1
Samsung skip to 5.1 ? Surely you jest. We'll probably NEVER see pushed 5.1 on a Note4 unless Samsung changes its ways dramatically.