Spare parts app?


Apr 13, 2010
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Question..I'm running the app spare parts. Looking under battery history then network usage....second item listed is "0". Anyone know what this is? It's by far using my network the most. Could this be draining my battery?
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I'll answer even though it probably won't help. I saw this too and thought the same thing. I have since made quite a few changes (got rid of some of my widgets and apps) and it no longer appears. One that did show up consistently as being a drainer and I thought was odd was "dialer".
Ha! People do exist in these forums! Thanks, I have seen dialer as well. I have googled I could find is that 0 and 1001 are network items having to do with the system itself. I just think it's odd that they're only showing up under network and they're using so much. I'd like to know exactly what they represent.

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