Sony May Provide AOSP Roms For Its Phones Soon


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Oct 6, 2011
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Sony has been one of the most developer friendly OEMs for a while now. They have shipped phones with unlockable bootloaders, have released kernel source, and driver binaries which has all been helpful for Rom developers and other developers. According to Alin Jerpelea of the FreeXperia team from CyanogenMod, Sony may possibly offer AOSP roms for its phones in the future. He mentioned this at the XDAdev con. The only downside to this is that Jerpelea will be the only one working on this project for Sony which means releases may be a bit slow, or at least limited in the amount of devices. This is still pretty big since this will help to further development for other Roms as this will make it even easier for Rom developers. This is just one more reason to support a company like Sony who has us, the rom and mod community, specifically in mind.

Via androidauthority