some force close issues


Jan 19, 2010
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Shrewsbury Pa
I'm rooted and now I'm having trouble with my alarm, radio, and sound settings force closing. ie change message notification ext .I did flash the htc sync file.but I've since restored my back up any suggestions ?
I moved you over here since you are rooted. I'm not familiar with the Thunderbolt but if you can boot into recovery and then do a wipe of data and cache that should fix it for you.

Another way to do it is to do a factory data reset. That's my suggestions.
Do you have a custom rom installed? If you do I would try to wiipe and reflash it.

If you do not, get rom manager, install clockwork, create a backup. NOTE VERY IMPORTANT. When I did this for the first time everything went through like a backup was created but it wasnt. Make sure the back up was created. After you do that I would recomend flashing to a new ROM.

Im currently running [ROM] [MikRoms] The Perfect Storm v1.0 [03-23-11] Thunder and Lightning! - xda-developers

No issues what so ever with any FC.
Fixed it I tried to use to to restore playlist and that messed it up so I deleted it a time and all is good