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May 2, 2010
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Wilmington, NC
Yesterday and already once this am I have tried to send a text message and it would act like it sent. Then few secs later a box popped up saying sms error. And the text would show the red triangle thing meaning not sent. I restarted my phone after each time and had full 3g service and all bars... Anyone else having this trouble?? Suggestions? Thanks!!

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Same number? Maybe an issue with the other persons carrier?

Also any success with Google Voice and Sms?
Two diff numbers one is with at&t and the one this am is another VZW person like me

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Same SMS Error--

yeah I got the same issue.. "SMS Error 35535 Class 3" tried 3secs later and it went through.. curious what the problem is....
I had to restart my phone each time it happened we will see how today goes lol.

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Hey guys what time did it occur? Me and another poster also have this problem sometimes my error is source code: 65535 error class 3. It only seems to happen at night for me though. We're thinking something is happening with the towers?

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Jon, it happened for me it was late evening for the first. Second was the next am.

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sounds like network folk are busy bees.

Yeah I'm thinkingbthat its just the network. Mine only happens sometimes at night Which makes sense since it'd be better to work on network stuff during off peak times aka at ngith when everyone's supposed to be a sleep, well except me that is. Lol

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That is true I know our 4g will be soon I have already seen the new towers and hubby said it will be here by summer

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