'Smite the Heretics' With AMALtd and Ubisoft's New 'god Game': Babel Rising 3D


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Dec 30, 2010
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Strike down the meager mortals with great vengeance and furious anger to stop them from building their tower of Babel. That's the premise and plot of this fun little "god sim" from AMALtd and Ubisoft, called Babel Rising 3D. This game looks to be a lot of fun as you level yourself up with more powerful abilities to wreak havoc and devastation upon the land. Use lightning, earthquakes, meteor showers, vengeful floods and plagues as you stop the Babylonians from raising their heretical tower. This game is very reminiscent of Populous from the old PC days of yore, if any of you folks out there remember that one. Here's a quote from the developer with a brief description:

  • The world’s best 3D graphics available on mobiles and tablets for an epic gaming experience.
  • Punish pretentious Babylonians through 15 missions in the single-player campaign and test your Godly stamina in the survival mode.
  • Master the 4 elements of fire, air, earth and water, each having specific powers.
  • Help your fight with passive powers and divine parchments.
  • Optimized controls for mobiles and tablets with a multi-touch and motion controlled gameplay to easily crush mankind.

You can grab it for just $5 bucks in the Google Play Store: Google Play Store - Babel Rising 3D.
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Smite the heretics, lest they gain knowledge and be as gods themselves!
Its a really fun game. But like my review says on the play store it gets 1 start for a damn advertisement at the start of the game. $5 and it gives me advertisements!? hell no...

The game itself is a load of fun, and runs really well on my TF101(CM9) just unlocked water and it takes time to get use to the new skills.

not crazy hard really but a lot of fun. I have had it crash on me a few times though.... and im kinda mad when it happened mid game! grr
Thank you for that information, please keep us informed if anything changes, like price or gameplay.. thanks...

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I downloaded the game and been playing it off an on for about 8 hours. Hasn't crashed on me, yet. The ads starting up is a bit ridiculous. This has been one of the more fun games on the android for me so far.
What are you play it on if you do not mind me asking? Iv had 2 crashes total in like 10+ hours of playing. That is not all that bad, however I have also ran into a second glich twice now. I start up and am stuck on whatever element I picked first.

That little line "Restart before playing" seems to be true LOL
I really like the looks of it but the ads and crashes are causing me concern. Might way a bit to see if price drops.