Smartphone Awards: 2014 According To MKBHD!


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Nov 22, 2011
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He's pretty decent at picking out phones. I don't 'follow' him but I have seen him jump on TWiT shows every once in a while. I'll go by category:

Big Phones
Yeah, those are pretty decent picks, but I would've put the 6+ as an honorable mention only because of software limitations that don't present well on the larger format (most notably the blur and stretching of certain apps). It could be fixed with software but 'out of the box' it isn't as well made as I thought it would be.

Compact Phones
Wow, I can't believe this would be a category. These are pretty decent picks as well although I haven't personally messed with any of these. I'm shocked Sony was so high on this list.

In all honesty, I hate this category because it is one-sided most of the time. I'm glad he mentioned 6+ AND the Note 4 because of how similar they are in this category. From the video we saw shot in 4K from that Note 4 on the drone, it really shows how far camera tech itself has grown.

Budget Smart Phones
I agree with him here. One Plus is one of the best pick alongside the Moto G (love the Daft Punk song BTW). These phones particularly make the Android market easy to dive into and really great alternatives to the high-end phones.

Most Improved
Really....??? Blackberry? They may have improved their product a lot, but they are nowhere near getting deep improvement and adoption I've seen on other phones. I would've given this award to HTC. Despite having fallouts at the beginning from large amounts of phones being released, they are now having amazing 'hero' phones hitting the market like the M8 that are getting gobbled up by consumers and even took a bold leap by making a M8 Windows phone (even though it probably didn't sell well). Also, THE NEXUS 9!! Enough said.

Best Windows Phone
HTC M8. I'm actually not surprised. As much as I liked some innovative steps the Lumia line did when it was around, M8 with its specs were really amazing. The ONE phone I go to when hitting up a Microsoft Store (Yes I do go to those).

Craziest Phone Design
Sure...that is pretty crazy with hardly any bezel. If the Yoda Phone was released though I would've probably put a vote in for that.

Worse Phone
Amazon Fire Phone...I completely agree.

Phone of the Year
M8...I'm actually pretty shocked. I was expecting either a Sammy or a Moto, but this is a pretty decent pick and I love his reasoning: "I used it daily the most than any other phone." I'm also glad that Moto X was a close second cause (and I don't mind being a huge fanboy here) I love my Moto X Gen 1. I would absolutely buy another one. The honorable mentions were well honored as well...except the iPhone 6...we could just get rid of that :p

All-in-all, Marques did a good job and this was really excellent to watch to get a good 'snapshot' of this year's phone lineup. I see what he did though...getting people excited for presents :cool:


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Jan 15, 2011
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^ I agree with you 100%!

I'm also vary happy for HTC to get phone of the year, nice to see them as a front runner again!


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Apr 1, 2011
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Great video but I didn't agree with his pick for best phone of the year. Sure the M8 is a great phone, but he should have factored in the WHOLE device....Obviously the camera is the M8s Achilles heel. Plus I've never been a fan of aluminum phones. They dent and scratch way too easy. Of course most of us use a case anyways and as he pointed out, this was simply "his" opinion and I can respect that. He put together a well made video and I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. The beauty of it all is, Android fans have a plethora of phones to choose from. If you can't find a device to suit your needs, you may as well pick up an iPhone.

S5 tap'n


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Apr 13, 2012
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Great video. Other than a few nit picky items I think he nailed it.