Sluggish Opera mobile on GB?


Jan 21, 2011
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Specifically, scrolling? Seems like I can't scroll smoothly and occasionally fail to have clickable links, ever since I switched to GB.

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So tested it.

Scrolling ok and links worked.

Flash seems slow and skips a lot. Otherwise not bad.

Did you restore the app from something like titanium? Try removing and redownloading it again.

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It restored from the market, along with the rest of my apps. Will try to re-install, and see if it fixes my issues, since it's the only major issue I've had so far with GB.
not that it is the same, but opera Mini is working great for me. i shall give the mobile version a try.
Well, there was an update on the market the other day, and it took care of the issue, whatever it really was.