Anybody else had any issues with these being a little buggy? Nothing horrible, but things like images "ghosting", or hanging round for a bit in the notification bar?
I think there might be a problem with these skins for the Inc2 running stock Gingerbread. As mentioned, 'ghosting' occurs in the notification bar at times, which is not a big deal.

However, what is a big deal is that they appear to be causing problems with the core system, causing acore and gapps (framework) errors/FCs. When the acore error crops up, the phone app won't open from the main phone "icon" on the home screen. I think you can voice dial still, but obviously that's a big deal. Rebooting changes nothing. The only solution that fixes it 100% of the time is a full factory reset.

I'm not 100% sure on this yet, but it's looking more and more like they're the culprit. acore errors are typically due to a 3rd party app messing with the core system/framework, and these skins fit that profile perfectly, especially on a stock phone. That, combined with the fact that these were ports and appear a bit buggy anyway...

I haven't tried all of them obviously, but I've used Safari HD, Black Expresso, BlackNBold, and Xperiansed Arc.
Yeah the skins are buggy. I've tried different home launcher apps for customizing even further but I'm just rocking the HTC sense. Its sexy but domple.

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Yes, & the only way to get them off the phone is a factory reset. The ghosting in my status bar drove me nuts

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