Sip Sorcery dial plan


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Jan 1, 2010
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Ok I've been working on being able to get free calling over wifi. So far I have my google voice set up to call my sipgate account. What I'm trying to figure out are these dial plans located here and how they work.

Unlimited Free Calling with Google Voice - Google Docs

It says in section 10 that if I set up a sip sorcery dial plan I will get free outbound calls. I can't quite wrap my head around how this works. Does anyone use this system and can explain how it works.?

Currently I have to go to the google voice web site and initiate and phone call. Google voice calls my sipgate account first and then it calls the caller that I chose to call. When I read this document it seems like with a dial plan I can call out like normal and the script will somehow route the calls to my sipgate account and to google voice.