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Dec 15, 2010
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Im new to the whole smart phone thing. I did a search and found nothing. Currently I have a song as my ringtone for text. When a text comes in the phone rings. Well i open the text and there is no way to silence the music. Same goes with ringing for calls I cant silence the phone unless I click ignore. Im wondering if there is a way if the phone is in my pocket if I can silence it if it rings? If this is confusing please let me know and ill reword it.
You can silence a ringing phone by hitting the volume buttons on the right side of your phone. I honestly don't know if it works for text message notifications- I usually have a very short ringtone for email and text.
Actually if you turn the phone over, face down, it will silence anything, this is built in.

Also pressing power will stop a phone call alarm ringtone etc. Without having to ignore it.

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Iwent into sounds and found the setting that says flip to silence...but it never works? Any suggestions? (i have already reset the compass a couple times....whet you flip the p phone repeatedly on its 3 axis' until it turns green)
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