Shortcuts and Sound Effects


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Dec 30, 2010
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I have seen a lot of short cut discussion on here but I don't know that I have seen a solution to these 3 questions. I am rooted with Z4 on a Droid PRO so I can make any changes you might have.

1) There is a sound effect (ding) that plays when powering down. How do we get rid of that? I have seen a lot of discussion on getting rid of the power up "DROOOIID" and the animation - but not the power down ding.

2) Is there a way within "Better Cut" or any other shortcut program to directly go to the inbox of a yahoo account within messaging? It seems I can only make a shortcut to messaging. I would like to cut down the steps. I would also like to do the same within touchdown. FYI -- I am NOT using the Yahoo App. It Was a bit slow. Actually, the yahoo email through the Dolphin Browser has worked nicely.

3) Since I came from the world of blackberry - I am wondering which contact program and dialer you would recommend? I am using better cut to make direct dials for many but would like to thumb around the dialer and contacts with a little more ease. Thoughts?

What a great forum this is...I was bummed out after I first got this..However, this site has served as my guide..Now I am a huge fan..