Send Audio/Music/WAV Clip Through Text, Or MMS, Whatever it's Called


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Nov 9, 2009
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Does anybody know how to send an AUDIO CLIP VIA TEXT MESSAGE. There's an option for pretty much everything else; record audio, video, pictures, etc. But there is no option to send audio through a text message. I had the Env2 before this phone and that was capable of performing such a small task. You would figure that the Droid, with all of it's capabilities, would be able to send an AUDIO file through a text message, I thinks its called MMS. But if anyone knows how to do this on the MOTOROLA DROID, it would be greatly appreciated. If the phone is not capable, I may just have to return it, but I really don't want to. Thank you
I use chomp SMS and save MMS now I can send and save ringtones from my moto Droid. It's a free download at the android market.
This could be what you are after.. a record audio option is available on the Droid for text messages.

pick your messaging contact>
press the 'type to compose' box >
hit menu button (second one from left on bottom of your Droid)>
hit attach>
hit 'record audio' from the 6 options there

If this is what you have already found than a market app may be your best bet as mentioned above
You could email your audio clip
The feature you may be after probably falls under the Enhanced Messaging which I don't think the Droid supports
Which one allows you to send the audio files? I really don't want a whole new messaging interface just a option in the native messaging app. Thanks
I really don't want a whole new messaging interface just a option in the native messaging app. Thanks

Haven't seen that for the native app....
"Chomp SMS" is what Ive been using to send ring tones via text need to send it to a email or use a PC.So far its the easiest way that I have found.If someone sends me a ring tone I use "Save MMS" to save to my SD card.I went from a LG Dare to the moto Droid. I very quickly started missing being able to send ring tones to other peoples cell phones.after using both apps mentioned its even easier than ever to send and save ring tones with the Moto Droid.Both are available and free at the android market.:motdroidhoriz::icon_ banana:
+++1 for chompsms, i tried handcent and really for me it was just too bloated with many unneeded features, so went back to plain sms but watched the fixes with chomp and decided to try again and its really great now, send ringtones, save files popup (if you want it) it is simple yet feature full which makes it great now
I also was watching both Chomp sms and Handscent sms for a while and I agree chomp SMS has come a long way.They even let you set the file size limits in the settings menu.When i had a question I emailed them they responded in less than hrs.they told me about the file size limitation issue and that they would look into it three days later they released an update fixing the problem.I had both on my moto droid phone chomp sms and handscent sms.after receiving excellent service from chomp sms the choice was obvious.I uninstalled Handcent sms and kept chomp sms.:motdroidhoriz::icon_ banana:
I prefer the stock messaging service but with a few of the extra tweaks added by other messaging services like the LED color as well as the option you mentioned about sending ringtones. I have SMS Popup and Handcent both on my phone. I tweaked the settings to where the default messaging service uses them almost like a shell and plugins and just go with that! :)
Yes, Your phone is capable to send audio, video messages. You can sent the file through Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)..