Selecting Default Gmail with multiple accounts


Nov 6, 2009
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Richmond, VA
i recently added a second google account to my phone just for gmail syncing purposes. my issue is that when you are composing a new message, the outgoing email address is always the last inbox you were looking in. For example, go into contacts and send an email from there. the last inbox you were looking in will be the outgoing email address. I would like to find a way to set a global default email address so i'm always sending from the same one.

please redirect me if this has been answered before. thanks.

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no one has any thoughts or reference material? thanks in advance.

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Moved to galaxy nexus general discussions, hope you get the help you need:bump:

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I have two gmail accounts, one for work and one personal. I'm running an ICS ROM on my bionic. I have two widgets set up, one for each email address. I just open the widget for the address I need to send from.

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Thanks for the reply but doesn't answer the question. It is annoying to click an email address, say from a website, to send an email and have the wrong from address defaulted. I guess this is just an ICS problem.

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